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Eziekiel - Lurker

Help Needed

Hi all,

I am after a little help and am spreading my net far and wide in the hope of finding out exactly what I need.

I am after some pointers to resources/websites/companies that may be able to help me,

In July, my house contract ends as does my current job, after travelling last year I seriously want to get out and try something new, at least while I am young (well 25 now), to see what else is out there.

I have always had an interest in the sea and want to now develop that into maybe a career or maybe a career break doing some sailing (looking at areas such as private charter yachts, delivery, day trip boats/diving boats)

I have always had an interest in the sea, coming from a naval family in a coastal town, I have very little experience in sailing but I have the qualifications listed below. I understand that what I really need to do is get some work on a yacht as a deckhand to build up some experience before maybe getting longer cruises. I believe, and happy to, work for bed and board to start with but obviously need some money to get me between potential jobs. I am also happy to work anywhere in the world as come July I wont have any commitments tying me to anything.

Any advice/pointers/links/criticism etc will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading this,

Paul (Currently in Southampton UK)

BSc (Hons) Marine Sciences
R.Y.A. Start Sailing (Keelboat)
R.Y.A. Powerboat Lvl 2 (Coastal/Planing Endorsement)
P.A.D.I Open Water Diver
B.S.A.C. Sports Diver
B.S.A.C. Assistant Diving Instructor

Courses Booked
R.Y.A. Basic Skills Level 2 (Keelboat)
R.Y.A. Day Skipper Theory
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