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Devonshire and the need to stamp feet

Last weekend I tried the waters of North Devon out and despite the stupidly hot weather, was very pleased.
We stayed in Woolacombe and tried body-boarding and surfing there (not me, I'm scared of surfing).
On Sunday we headed for Saunton Sands as we had heard good things of it but we couldn't get into the car park due to a surf festival. Also the fog was rolling in in a Daphney De Maurier manner (that isn't spelt right).
So we headed around to Barnstaple and Bideford and found an amazing little estuary at Instow which had wet sand that you sunk in upto your ankles. When the tide came in it turned out to be the best spot ever for windsurfing. It was shallow out for loads of meters (no good at distances), and hardly no waves. There were loads of sail boats out racing up and down and only one jetboat to spoil the scene.
Unfortunatly, the sail we chose to rig was too big for me so I didn't actually get to practise any of my moves as the (little) waves combined with the overpowered sail kept pushing me off.
I need to be more assertive next time. The other beginner I go with is stronger than me and the men are old hands at it, so I tend to draw the short straw. I think gentle stamping of feet should get me a nice 4.5m sail next time.

We also went to the Gower about a month ago where I had a similar problem.....
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